Active Investing

Active real estate investors purchase and manage properties for rental income, or renovate them to flip the properties for a gain. Active investors can even build new homes to sell. These investors are involved in every part of the deal, from selection, to obtaining financing, to personally guaranteeing the loan and managing the investment. Basically, the investor is hands-on, actively participating in making the investment pay off.


Having a Realtor on your team can help you with deal flow, actively looking for a property in your local area, or in other areas of your state, and even nationally. There are pros and cons to each. Location, budget, cash-flow, along with other factors will all have a bearing on what direction is right for you to accomplish your goals.


Whether you want to start with a condo, single family home, a duplex, or move straight into a multifamily building, I’m here to help guide you along the way to financial freedom.