Los Alto Hills

Los Altos Hills refers to the area bordered by Page Mill Road, Foothill Expressway, Moody Road, and Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. One of the biggest factors that draws interested homebuyers to Los Altos Hills is the privacy they are afforded there. The aptly named Los Altos Hills is tucked within a group of rolling hills, so the neighborhood feels like a bubble that is removed from the outside world. Streets are quiet and safe, and most homes come with acres of backyard land that lend themselves to sprawling estates and gorgeous views of the Silicon Valley.


The town is also situated close to tech hubs such as Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Menlo Park, where Facebook, Tesla, HP, and Google have set up their headquarters. Those who need to drive south to cities such as Cupertino and San Jose also find themselves with relatively easy commutes, as they are heading against rush hour traffic during their morning and evening drives. Los Altos Hills is approximately 40 miles south of San Francisco, so frequent travelers are located relatively close to the San Francisco International Airport.


Those who like the peace and quiet of the great outdoors also enjoy access to some popular open space preserves in the area, including Rancho San Antonio, Monte Bello, and Westwind Barn. These destinations provide an escape from the hectic, tech-focused Silicon Valley.